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Saving the world, one poll at a time

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

While I continue to slog through Freedom, here’s a couple of polls.

You must choose between one of two superpowers . . .

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There's a huge fight involving monsters. Who wins?

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Which Magical Creature Is Mostly Likely to Save Carolyn's Life?

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I am Directionally Impaired

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

In real life, I am only mostly right-handed. I do an awful lot of things with my left hand. I do sometimes write left-handed. Sometimes. Driving me with was nightmarish before I ponied up for a GPS. Now it’s mostly amusing when I sometimes turn right even when the nice lady in the GPS says to turn left. (Recalculating is a frequently heard word…) Despite the big huge arrow on the screen.

It happens in my writing, too. I always have to be very very careful with my physical descriptions in case that left-right confusion sneaks in on me.

Today I had a bigger directional problem, related to my tendency to start out making things way too complicated. Example: The Next Historical opens in Syria. After first writing what I thought was the beginning (set in England) I realized I had to start in Syria, so I’m pretty sure the back half of the book is more or less written, subject to some massive revisions when I get back to it.

Anyway, I started everybody out in Aleppo, which is in Northern Syria near Turkey. Then, of course, it was still the Ottoman Empire and then I had my heroine and her father heading off to Iskenderun (Alexandretta) which is roughly 60 miles north-west-ish on the Mediterranean through, as it turns out, some mountains and the Syrian Gates where Alexander the Great defeated Darius and his Persian Army (hence the Alexandretta). Iskenderun is named after Alexander the Great.

So, as I was saying, my hero goes off to Maarat an Numan (spelling seems to be variable) and then goes to Iskenderun to meet up with the heroine after a fashion. Then they go back to Aleppo, and then some stuff happens and then they go back to Iskenderun because in order for my heroine to end up back in England with the rest of the book, she has to sail and Iskenderun is the only port in the province.

You see my issue. I have my characters going from Aleppo to Iskenderun to Aleppo and back to Iskenderun. Absolutely do NOT ask me why I didn’t see how stupid this was before. Suffice it to say that today as I was sitting in the car at soccer practice the stupidity of all this back and forth finally smacked me.

So now I have to move everybody to Iskenderun at the start, then off to their various locations of castle ruins in Maarat An Numan and the suq in Aleppo, and THEN my hero goes to Aleppo and takes my heroine back to Iskenderun once and only once and puts her on a ship.

That should be an interesting fix not to mention a demonstration of my writerly super powers as I move entire houses 60 miles from their original locations. And then I will rename Aleppo to Fredericksburg or something, then rename Iskenderun to Aleppo and then rename Fredericksburg to Iskenderun. And move a bunch of descriptions from east to west.

Ta-dah! And the crowd goes wild!!!!