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Analyzing my Recent Kindle Purchases

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Here’s something worth thinking about:

I was just looking at my Kindle library.

Of the 50 most recent books:

  1. Four were RITA books I didn’t want to read in print. I would not otherwise have bought these books.
  2. Nine are non-fiction
  3. Four of the 9 non-fiction titles are Big 6 books, the others are self-pubbed.
  4. Three are hardbacks in print (all non-fiction). I REALLY wanted to read them and didn’t want a print book. I think I’m done buying hard covers unless they’re for my dad, who won’t read eBooks.
  5. One of the novels (excluding the 4 RITA books) is a Big Six novel
  6. Thirty-nine are either self-published or from established ePublishers who charged less than $5.00 for the book.
  7. Four of the 50 were free. One of them is public domain
  8. Forty-six were priced at $2.99 or higher
  9. Six I haven’t read yet.
  10. Two of the 6 I haven’t read yet I bought today.
  11. Four of the 6 I haven’t read yet are non-fiction
  12. Fifty were bought in the last 6 weeks
  13. Eighteen of the novels were by 3 different authors
  14. Six of the novels were fails
  15. Two of the novels were DNF
  16. Five of the 50 were MAJOR wins for me. All of them were self-pubbed
  17. forty-seven were good books that I enjoyed reading.

My Conclusions

  • I am a book whore
  • I read a lot of fiction
  • I read more non-fiction than I thought
  • I am more or less no longer buying Big 6 MMP. Holy CRAP!
  • I’ve managed to find a lot of non-Big 6 books I really, really enjoyed
  • When I find an author I like, I buy their backlist