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Discovery Day, Sweetpea!

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Today was Discovery Day. I was very happy to discover that I met my minimum word count two days in a row. Doing so got less painful once I discovered that I’d started the book in the wrong place — too far in, as a matter of fact. Today I wrote a new chapter 1 and discovered that the story starts with a party and the hero arriving with his good friend. I have 6,183 words so far.

We went to my nephew’s birthday party today where I discovered that my sister-in-law has a long-time family friend who is writing a romance! I’m taking her to my local chapter meeting next Saturday and seeing if she can’t get signed up for Nationals, too. What a nice discovery!

Pink Sweetpea
As for sweetpeas, I went down and cut sweetpeas today, which has the happy effect of bringing on even more sweetpeas and now the kitchen has a vase full of sweetpeas and when you walk in, there’s just an incredible scent. I love sweetpeas, and here’s two pictures of some I took this afternoon.
Dark Pink Sweetpea