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On Friday, Carolyn’s mood improved markedly

Friday, February 16th, 2007

I’m driving home and I get an email from my agent, and at the next intersection all I see is the words mostly I in the text before the light changes. Well, shoot, I think, she hated Scandal. I am depressed the rest of the way home. In the garage, I read the email bits in order. (Postini, the world’s greatest spam stopping program, also lets me forward emails to my phone. Naturally, my agent is on the list of emails I want forwarded.)

Oh. OK. This is much better,

She doesn’t hate Scandal. She loves it. She’s excited about it! What she has problems with is the synopsis. Well, those buggers are a challenge for me, no question about it. I’ve already addressed the comments she made in my chapters, nothing major at all. But the synopsis is a bigger beast, which I will tackle tomorrow because tonight Magellan’s Witch is calling my name to the tune of as many dang words as I can bang out. MW is going very well. It’s complexifying nicely.

Scandal is totally bitching since I fixed the crap out of it. But she’s right, the synopsis needs help. Yesterday I met with my prof and we talked about Scandal as it happens and Prof. Jaffe and my agent made very similar suggestions about what to do with the story. Apparently I am a plotting idiot. Which is true. Sigh.

Off to work on Magellan’s Witch and mentally process Scandal.

Also, Monday is a holiday, and the sign needs to go back on my door. Too little time, too many interruptions.


The Late Post

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Well, I did it. I finished the synopsis for Scandal (as well as I am able do a synopsis) and sent the proposal to my agent. Honest to Fudge (that’s my dog, not a stand-in for a curse word) I think the chapters rock. Whacking those 2500 words out of chapter 2 fixed a lot of stuff. Like boring nothing’s really going on stuff. And you know, it just about killed me, but heck, I had to do something, and those words were mucking up my project.

Yeah. There’s a killer on the loose and she’s not sorry.


Stick a Fork in it!

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Fork Photo by amodiovalerioverde

Yeah. The synopsis for Scandal is done, as in it now tells the story from start to finish. This doesn’t mean it’s polished but it’s done. Yay! I’m off to bed. The read through will have to wait until tomorrow since if I try to stay up late enough to read it all I won’t be fresh at all. And so, to bed.


Another Saturday Night

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

My son woke up with a fever this morning, which meant we stayed home and kept a low profile. I made an Angel Food cake, and since you have to do something with all the left over egg yolks, I make a yellow cake, too. Both came out great. I bled my synopsis today. Slow agonizing progress, but progress nonetheless. I finished all my RITA books. Fun reading. What else? Nothing. Today was boring. But the synopsis is almost done and in a bit I’m going to print out my first 3 chapters (if I can get the cat off the printer) and see where things stand. Crap? Not crap? I’ll find out. Could be I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight. Or not.