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Why Carolyn is Happy Dancing Despite a Word Count of El Zippo

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Why, you ask? I shall tell you.

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I finished the Revision Read Through That Would Not End yesterday. Yay! And today, I was going to buckle down and get going again on the next historical.

But first I had this little problem of a plot that might not be possible: I want my hero and heroine to be in Turkey in the early 1800’s and I want them to get married under dire and dramatic circumstances. My train of thought has been going something like this:

There were lots of Christians in Turkey then so there are surely Christian churches there (yeah some pretty famous ones, I know!) But probably not the Church of England so the usual rules in Regency marriages aren’t going to apply. They can’t go back to England to hit up the Archbishop for a Special License and then go back to Turkey…

That train of thought died shortly thereafter.

So, where can these guys get married pretty much in the dead of night that would be legal enough to cause a problem when they’re back in England later? Is there an Archbishop equivalent in Turkey? But if there is, I still can’t have the hero trotting off to line up the paperwork and then going back — Ok, bad guys, you can start again, I’m back and ready to thwart you! Thanks ever so for waiting.

Yeah, some questions to resolve, eh? Tonight, after I cleared away some stuff that had to get done first, I invoked the awesome powers of Google.
Dun dun da dun!!!!

Here are my Google search phrases:

  • Christianity in Turkey in 1800
  • British Marriages in Turkey in 1800

Da motherlode folks! Because one of the search results was an article about a marriage that took place at the British Consulate in Turkey in 1894. Ohmygod! Of course! They get married at the British Consulate.

So now my train of thought is like this:

Where the hell was the British Consulate in Turkey in the early 19th century? I can move this back to Constantinople if I have to but that would be seriously lame. Was there even a Consulate for sure and do I have to find out who the Consul was?

More awesome powers of Google.
twinkle twinkle twinkle

Here is my Google search phrase:

  • British Consulate in Turkey in 1800

And this lead pretty much directly to a 1911 Encyclopedia about Aleppo, where the British Consulate was reopened in 1800. And get this! There was some fighting going on there. Is that perfect or what? Now, Aleppo is in Syria but who cares, this doesn’t have to happen in Turkey plus it’s described in the 1911 source as Asiatic Turkey. Wikipedia has this to say about Aleppo: The city remained Ottoman until the empire’s collapse, but was occasionally riven with internal feuds as well as attacks of the plague and later cholera from 1823.

Seriously everyone. This could not be more perfect for my story. Internal feuds. Plus plauge AND cholera. Wow.

I am thrilled to bits.

And now going to bed.


Checking in – Things is Crazy Here

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Just a quick post. As many of you probably know, RWA has its national conference in San Francisco July 30 to August 2. Which is soon. Really soon. (Yay!)

I have the copyedits for Scandal (due date: July 31) Snort. Real drop dead last day: July 28, because I head down there the 29th since the Beau Monde Conference is the 30th.

Today I got the revision letter for His Wicked Witch or whatever it ends up being called. Argh! I’ve only given it a quick glance to make sure I wasn’t being asked to write a completely different book. No. Very good, there!

And, of course there’s the WIP and today I didn’t get a chance to work during lunch because I worked through lunch which means 0 words today. Panic is setting in.

Right so I’m really busy and may not be blogging too much between now and July 29 when I will be blogging and twittering the conference. Hopefully on my iPhone…

For now, I’ll be twittering more reliably than blogging because that’s easier, shorter and faster than blogging. Also you can’t get carried away and keep writing some big old longer than you intended post.

In Carolyn’s perfect world copyedits and revisions are done by July 28.

Wish me luck.

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Cause for Glee plus a Secret Marriage

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

I’m blogging early because I suspect I’ll end up too tired later tonight. So, it’s an early post.

In writing news, Scandal is being moved to February 09 from January which I am actually happy about. A February release is better. Holiday sticker shock is wearing off and there’s Valentine’s day. Romantic book for a romantic month. That totally works.

I have another review for My Wicked Enemy The reviewer picked a very intense scene as an opening excerpt– No WAY am I showing it to anyone at work! — but here’s the review part:

Wow. This is powerful stuff and I don’t like many paranormals. I may not understand every bit of it, for authors of paranormals tend to make up the rules as they go along (and why can’t they list these rules and enlighten us?), but it held me captivated from the first page to the last. There are some pretty amazing characters in this story and I am hoping that we can read more of them in the future. Good going, Carolyn Jewel!

Donna Doyle, Romance Reviews Magazine

This will post in the August 2008 issue, so I can’t give you a direct link yet. But that’s a good review.

No, I am not performing stupid web tricks. My publisher sent the review to me.

In other writing news The List desperately needs a new name. There’s no list in the story whatsoever. And speaking of new names, I changed some more names. My heroine’s name is now Sabine. And my hero’s late wife is named Camilla and before she didn’t have any name at all. She was just, you know, dead.

Book Title, Book Title, Who’s Gotta Book Title?

Not me. But the best title, the one I really like is The Philosopher’s Daughter only that’s never going to make it past marketing. But maybe I should just call it that because I like it.

What do you think?

Oh, and here’s my current favorite line so far:

"If she’s married, Foye,” Crosshaven said, "I hope to God her husband is a neglectful ass and that she hates him soundly."

The reason it’s my favorite so far, aside from being new and shiny cuz I wrote it today at lunchtime, is Crosshaven is talking to my hero, Foye, about the heroine, and Foye just happens to be married to her, which nobody knows. It’s a secret marriage story!!

It’s quite possible it won’t be by the end, but it is right now, and speaking of which, I need to go write it.


More catching up

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Let me first say in a thoroughly heartfelt manner Thank God it’s the weekend. Can I have a big old Weekends Rock! to that?

Weekends Rock!

I’ve started on the next historical. At the moment I’m calling it The List but that is admittedly kind of lame. It’s all I’ve got so far.

Been reading:

Finished Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. It was darn good. Now I’m reading Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist which is really quite good so far. The narrative voice is odd and very intimate. Kind of hard to describe. The narrator is having a conversation with another person, but you only get the narrator’s words, interpretation and interpolation of the conversation. The other person is a total black box so far. It totally works even when, perhaps especially when, it slips into present tense which as some of you may recall is like fingers down a chalkboard for me. Very deft.

Taking the son to see the Narnia movie today. With luck he’ll wake up before noon.

I’m going to the bookstore to get more Sherman Alexie and maybe pick up another prize or two for the Wicked Cool Contest which you should enter.

Also, just as a side note, if you email me with a question or request for a bookmark or both, make sure you provide a valid email address and that you’ve added me to your list of approved email senders. Because I absolutely reply to all my emails which you will not believe if you send me a bad email and it bounces. I always feel bad when that happens, and it does. Also, I can’t mail you a bookmark without a complete address. Despite the astounding powers of my mind, I can’t quess your city state or name, which helps when addressing an envelope. And, if you’re requesting from outside the US it helps if the address is in English. Usually I can figure out that Italia is Italy, but that doesn’t mean the USPS will be as clever.

Okay, off to work.