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Street Witch Series and Other Progress

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Yesterday, I hit 76,000 on The Next Paranormal. I’m up to Chapter 29 of 39 in revisions. Basically, the story is done and now it’s polishing, bringing out theme, and going through my Action Items list. I expect some of the remaining chapters to be folded in to others, and, per usual for me, I will write the final chapter at the very last. The fork is not out yet, but I am targeting the end of this month for that.

I have engaged a new-for-me cover artist and committed to three covers in the series. I was really happy with the previous cover design company I was using, but I had such a terrible time with the last cover that I decided it was time to use someone new. Those of you in my “Secret” facebook group went through part of the design process for that cover and are acquainted with some of my issues with the quality of the work that was done. And so, I am seriously upping the ante on covers.

Spinoff Series and Titles

My original plan with The Next Paranormal was that it would be a new lead-in to the My Immortals series, but after thinking about that for a long time, I decided a spinoff series was a wiser, more productive, and less frustrating-for-me idea. The first two Immortals books are simply unlikely to revert to me until 2021 and as I worked on the current book, I became more and more convinced a new series would be easier and more fun for me.

Anyway, I am 99% committed to Street Witch as a series name, and titles related to fire for the first three books. This should be amusing for those of you who recall the fiasco of settling on a title for the first book in the My Immortals series. Members of my reader group (The Jewelies Group of Awesome) have been offering some great ideas for titles. If you’re interested in joining the group, go here, answer a couple of questions and ask to join.

Meanwhile, the 80% sure title for the first book is Fire Bound but that’s not for sure yet because it’s possible the title should have something to do with smoke. Anyway, this is also typical for me. Sometimes I come up with a title from the start (The Spare and Lord Ruin are two examples) and sometimes I don’t have a title until much later. (A Darker Crimson, which was actually my editor’s suggestion, for example.)

Slightly Writing-Related News

My webhost of many many years handled an issue so badly that I ended up moving almost all my sites with them to a new host. All in all, the move went pretty well, and now that things have been on the new host for a while, I’m ready to tell the old host goodbye. There was a period toward the end of August where my site was misconfigured and my email was bouncing.  So, if anyone sent me an email in August and I didn’t reply it’s because I never got your email and worse, there’s no recovery for that.



Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Here in the US, it’s Labor Day, a day when most workers have a day off from their daily paid labors.

Solidarity, workers of the world.

I’m kicking back and . . . working today.  At the writing job. The Next Paranormal is now over 70,000 words and I’m up to chapter 24 in the edit/fix/revise/sob stage of the writing process. Also, later I’m getting a massage to help get the knots out of my shoulders.

I really need to settle on a title so I can get the cover in progress.

In the meantime, here is a pretty picture I took a while back.

A fairly close up picture of a green succulent that is probably agave but I don't really know. The leaves are kind of like an artichoke that's open, but not spiny.

Miscellaneous Updates

Sunday, August 12th, 2018

It’s been a while since my last post, I’ve been busy and a bit frazzled. The RWA national conference was the third week in July and since I’m currently on the board I was in Denver for 9 days. Conference was great, busy, and inspiring.

I’ve been writing, of course, and thinking about projects and the order I’ll write them in.

The Current Project

As you may or may not know I am working on a book set in the My Immortals world. My original plan was to write two new books introducing the series so that I could properly market the books and the series. I thought about that long and hard and decided I would rather start a whole new series set in that world. Those first two books should revert to me in 2021 at which time I can market that series without being severely handicapped.

What I’ve decided to do is center this new  series around the street witches  who play such a crucial role in the My Immortals world. What I need now is a boffo series title and I only have terrible ideas. Fortunately, that’s a good start. I do need a new title for the book. I have terrible ideas about that, too.

The good news is the story is actually finished and at this point I’m going through and polishing and adding a lot of words. At the moment I’m staying right around 68,000 words because I delete the ones I don’t like and replace them with better ones.

Habits Old and New

I’m working on setting up new habits and ways of thinking about my writing and my approach to writing. I hadn’t realized while I was dealing with my mother ‘s health issues how many negative thoughts had wiggled their way into my head. I was feeling guilty about not writing fast enough or enough that all and that seems to have wormed its way into my head as a new pattern.

That’s one I’m going to get rid of. I need positive thoughts about my writing and I need not to guilt myself out for taking time to decompress, I need not to stare at my computer resenting that I’m writing s o o  s l o w l y when I’d  rather nap because I’m tired and stressed. The good news is I have caught up on my sleep and I’m not habitually tired and I’m no longer waking up in the middle of the night because I heard something and am worried about my mom.

And so I am laying down new habits of positive thinking. I am really excited about this new series, and it’s pretty exciting that I’m actually so close to done.


Progress Update for My Immortals Book 7

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

I’ve hit critical mass for My Immortals Books 7. I’m over 50,000 words now which means mostly the story is there and now I just need to write it better. I’m mostly pretty sure that the title will be My Demon Warlord. Final word count will be around 95,000.

I’m doing my first paper read through and I have already completely re-written chapter 1 three times. This is good news, actually, as dire as that sounds. I am revising using a fountain pen with copper ink. This is fun.

The chapter I thought might be chapter 1 is currently chapter 22.

I love doing the first paper read through. It’s when magic happens. I see themes I didn’t know where there, and that will be interesting to follow through with, and I get to see where things really work and where they don’t, and knowing that matters a lot.

And now, back to it.


Mass Reorg AKA Progress!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Over the weekend I did my first big reorganization of My Immortals 7. This time around, I’m trying to keep some vague keeping track of stuff in Scrivener, because it’s a great tool for that, while doing the actual writing per usual. Scrivener was very helpful in allowing me to structure, label, and organize the story the way I wanted to.

I don’t write in scenes. At least so far I don’t. But I have chapters that must move together, if I do move things around, because they’re linked by time or story flow. And Scrivener made that easy.

But it does mean I didn’t write as many words as I’d hoped. On the other hand, because the new order makes me happier and because now everything flows and is paced better, it was easy to see how and where I would up the ante.

I’m off to do that now.


A Day In The Life

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Things are so crazy at work that my days are not so fun right now. Soon, hopefully, things will let up and I will have time to take a breath or two. Meanwhile, I continue writing The Next Paranormal which I THINK will actually get the title I came up with: My Dangerous Pleasure.

Which I kind of like.

This go around with the book I am being careful about doing frequent print outs to read through since I think that really helps me a lot. It’s easier for me to see where things are going wrong. It’s also easier to simply put the chapters in a new order, which is something I do a lot in the early days. This time around, I’m actually writing scenes that my gut says this will be so cool and then figuring out where it will go later. Usually I have a pretty good idea, but the read-through really helps me find the exact right spot at the time of the read-through. As things change, chapters are likely to move around again.

I’ve also removed my first character. Yay! I find that’s always a sign that things are gelling. Once I did that — folding in Extraneous Character Number 1 with the Real Antagonist– additional good ideas came out that have me very pleased. W00t!

Many writers have said they’re frightened by my process, which might well be described as The Slash and Re-Order Style of Writing and I would have to agree. It is frightening. But it works for me and that is what matters. This method, to the best of my knowledge, is not taught in any MFA program. And yet, going to grad school for writing was the best thing I ever did. It wasn’t an MFA so maybe that made the difference.



Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Well, I finished Heyer’s These Old Shades, and it was not a win for me. There was much to like about it, but it was just too dated in social sensibilities that it just didn’t do it for me.

I’m working on The Next Paranormal and hoping to catch up quickly.

Also, my author’s copies of The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance arrived today. I should be updating my website shortly, but for now, must get back to work.


Ode To Friday

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Oh, Friday, Glorious Friday
If I may
I’d like to say,
Come sooner next time, m’kay?

Thus ends Poetry Friday. UR welcome.

On Saturday, I’m taking my son to Chocolatier Blue where I went last Sunday and came home with goodies for him that had him floored with their delciousiocity. I told him to bring his own money.

In other news, The Next Paranormal continues to go well. I should get back to it shortly.

Also, I have decided to be funnier, only I can’t think of anything. Sorry.

Maybe next time?


A wee Bit of Good News

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

As many of you may know, I will be doing some short stories set in my Paranormal world of demonkind and magekind. I’m getting close to having the first one ready to go. The exciting news is that I found the most amazing talented artist who will be doing something cool and awesome that will accompany the short story when it goes out into the world, free! So watch this space, and or sign up for my newsletter so you can get the story when it’s ready.

In other news, The Next Paranormal is going pretty well. Interesting things are cropping up.


Just a Cake Baking Fool

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

I have decided that after too many years of mediocre cake baking, that I need to rise above it all and become a kick ass baker.

I bought myself The Cake Bible and am working my way through it. I have been making multiple versions of the cakes until I get them perfect. Frosting is my challenge. Today, though was a bit of a success frosting-wise. I have learned that our local butter (Clover brand) is actually a superior butter and that the $35 butter I bought is made from milk that comes from right here in Northern CA. We have happy superior butter cows here.

Today I made a chocolate cake. I feel it was a bit dry, but no one else thought so. I will have to sample it again tomorrow to be sure. And, of course, make the cake again. I have plenty of frosting left to do so.

It’s no coincidence, by the way, that the heroine of The Next Paranormal is a baker.

Writing and Real Life. Sometimes they intersect.