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Contracts and Rights in More Than 140 Characters

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

While I was busy at work and then grocery shopping a discussion arose regarding my historical romances and what’s being published where.

Basically, the more than 140 character version is that my publisher only bought North American rights to my historicals. My agent tried to get them to go for World rights but they weren’t interested. I knew I had the foreign rights. In fact, there was a nice handful of foreign sales by my agent

It was only after I wondered out loud to my agent why Not Wicked Enough was on sale at only in paper and not in digital that I learned that Berkley had North American rights only: essentially, the US and Canada.  That book should not have been on sale in the UK at all. And, as it turns out when it occurred to me that I ought to check, the same was true for Scandal and Indiscreet.

So, hoo-yah! Kind of late. I self-published Scandal, Indiscreet and Not Wicked Enough in all the territories where I have rights, including the UK. I will do the same for Not Proper Enough when it releases this September.

I’m still waiting for an accounting of what I am owed for books sold in countries where my publisher did not have rights.

The odd thing is that originally, it was very disappointing that we were unable to get my publisher to buy World Rights. They just weren’t interested. Things are changing fast in the publishing business. Speaking only for myself, I’m glad to have those other rights. And, in fact, I was quite disappointed when my publisher agreed to reprint Indiscreet rather than revert the rights to me. Scandal was/is still in print.


This is why Twitter is Awesome

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Mystery tat solved!!! (Please see previous post)

Here is why Twitter is awesome and writers especially should be on twitter:

I finally found the perfect model for Future Tense (I once wrote a whole other post about that). In the post prior to this one, you can see the photo I chose to have incorporated into the cover. The hunky model has a really interesting tat. But then I was emailing the cover artist about whether I wanted to keep the tat, and all I could remember since viewing it Sunday was that it was cool and vaguely pictographic. My pea brain said, oh, hey, Chinese! [This is EXACTLY why eye-witness testimony should be suspect].

So I sent a tweet wondering if anyone could read Chinese, because what if the tat is offensive or says something embarrassing.

Then I blogged a version of the photo and DOH, the moment I actually looked at the picture: Not Chinese. But was it a language? I didn’t know at all. I swear to you, I am NOT usually this stupid. But as I write this, my cat is going on 48 hours stuck 30′ up in a tree and last night, I got almost no sleep because I was looking for my cat. I found him today in the tree. He’s still there. (Experts were consulted, I promise)

So I tweeted the link to the blog post and my question about that tat, and not even five minutes later this:

IsobelCarr @cjewel not language. Alchemy symbols , zodiac glyphs & angelic script.

cjewel @IsobelCarr Really? So it doesn’t secretly say something offensive? Then I think I can leave the tats in. I think that would be interesting.

IsobelCarr @cjewel as per art prof sitting next to me.

cjewel @IsobelCarr Also, WTF is angelic script? Because it’s AWESOMELY funny if my demon model has an angelic script tat.

IsobelCarr @cjewel 14th century monk wrote them down. Dover books dictionary of symbols that includes them. Can probably google.

cjewel @IsobelCarr If I give you $10 when I see you next, will you buy the prof a drink from me? Or whatever. THANK YOU Art Prof.

IsobelCarr @cjewel She says angelic script is combo of alchemy symbols, zodiac glyphs, & Hebrew.

cjewel @IsobelCarr OK. I’ll give you $20 bucks. Can you buy her two drinks?

IsobelCarr @cjewel she loves your books. Wld be happy w/signed copy.

See? Twitter is awesome.


Catching up on a Holiday Weekend

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Since I have tomorrow off, I get to sleep in. Yay! I have various bits of news to report, in no particular order.

I’ve been working on The Next Paranormal and it’s going pretty well right now. Some very good ideas starting to gel. It’s early days yet, of course.

The RWA National Conference is coming up. If you’re going to be in Washington DC on Wednesday July 15, drop by the Marriott for the Literacy Signing. It’s for a good cause! Please stop by the J section to keep me from feeling too lonely.

On July 24, I’ll be at the Hachette Books booth at Comic Con in San Diego. They’re giving away copies of My Forbidden Desire and I’ll be there to sign them! If you’re going to be there, by all means, come by and get a free signed book. Personally, I’m hoping some of the True Blood folks will be there. I should be able to wander around a bit and see some stuff.

I’ve given up on the old and creaky Dell laptop and went to the Apple store to buy a 13″MacBook Pro, which I did, only they’re out of stock and now I’m just praying mine arrives BEFORE I leave for Nationals because the thought of lugging the current laptop to DC gives me hives. I’ve committed to Apple and now I’m impatient to make the switch completely and utterly. Everyone cross your fingers for a delivery prior to 7/14 because I have a very early flight.

Twitter has been hellaciously fun lately. Oh my gosh. @barryEisler is being the world’s best sport about what is probably the world’s most egregious and embarrassing typo ever. By me. I meant to type spill his guts… with respect to the expected conversation I hope to have when I get to have lunch with him due to my winning lunch w/him at Brenda Novak’s auction. But what I type was spill his guys… Much hilarity has followed. @VictoriaDahl has been particularly bold, sassy and amusing.

And now I’m off to get some work done before I go to bed.


Update with Zombies

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Just a quick update. The Next Historical is going along. I’ve reached a part where I need to do some fixes of chronology and/or geography or risk a ripping massive hole in the time-space continuum. I’m not quite sure what to do, but suspect a very simple solution is out there, just out of reach and if I push too hard, it will blow up. But if I don’t push hard enough, well, there goes the universe! You see my dilemma.

If you-all were on Twitter you’d already know about the Regency Zombies storming Almack’s and having tea.

No. I am NOT procrastinating. I think I need to make cinnamon rolls today. Back to saving the world!

Oh. I think I thought of the solution. And the crowd goes wild!! Yes, it was simple. I’m still going to make cinnamon rolls though.