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Apologies to Michael Chabon, but this made my day

Friday, April 27th, 2007

From Pub lunch. I adore Chabon’s writing. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay was a fantastic book. So, if he struggles and overwrites and needs to rework, then by golly, there’s hope for me. I should be so talented, but still. I can’t help thinking that the real writers, writers like Chabon, never overwrite or mis-assess their work or every go awry. I bet this book when it comes out will totally rock. I can’t wait!

Editing Chabon
Today’s WSJ looks at the editing process for Michael Chabon’s forthcoming YIDDISH POLICEMAN’S UNION. An on-sale date was set by the end of the 2005 until "his editor slammed on the brakes." Chabon says, "I shudder now when I think that I would have published the old draft." With guidance from Harper’s Courtney Hodell, Chabon "spent about eight months reworking the entire book." She tells the Journal, "He’s a writer of terrific extravagance in the language but great subtlety on the emotional side. A lot of what I was doing was coaxing him to come a little closer to the reader." Chabon admits, "I do overwrite. And this book needed a lot of chopping."


The 800 Club

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

This is my 800th post. I haven’t been as prolific a blogger as some considering I started this in 2001, but gosh! It’s fun.

This is a post worth reading: Elmore Leonard’s blog. I wish he posted more about himself, but this is quite poignant. Sounds like his sister was a major influence in his life, and it sounds like he was a lucky man, too.

I’ve solved the bookmark request entry. Indeed, I showed up on some freebie websites, two of which are in Italy. That explains all the requests from Italy.

In other news, I fixed my form mail problem. Hopefully the spam doesn’t start up again. I shouldn’t have left it broken for so long. I still have a headache, darn it, so I caught up on my favorite blogs, fixed my webmail form, and checkout out my site statistics. Sharply up, as I figured would be the case since I have a release. And, it means that the rash of newsletter sign ups are not so coincidental to the bookmark thing, which is nice to know.